Square Eyes
App Concept & Prototype


  • Client: Orange Digital/ThinkDo Innovation Project
  • Date: April, 2016
  • Software: Adobe XD and Photoshop
  • Interactive Prototype: http://adobe.ly/1RHNYHq

'Square Eyes' is an app aimed at reducing the side effects of excessive screen use in the workplace through short, competitive activities.

Teamed up with another colleague, we went through a structured looped ideation process that lead to the app concept for 'Square Eyes.' With a deadline of 3 hours, I mocked up basic UI designs in Photoshop and fed these into an Adobe XD to make an interactive prototype for a product innovation presentation to the Directors and wider team at Orange Digital.

Square Eyes Slide 2

Square Eyes Slide 4

Square Eyes 5

Square Eyes 7

Square Eyes 6

Square Eyes 8

Square Eyes Slide 9

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